The 2020 IMO Fuel Sulphur Regulation


The 2020 IMO Fuel Sulphur Regulation

The 2020 IMO Fuel Sulphur Regulation

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) will enforce a new global Fuel Sulphur content Regulation from 1 January 2020, lowering from the present 3.5% mm limit to 0.5%mm. This aiming at improving air quality and protecting environment from marine Sulphur pollution.
All shipping companies must cut Sulphur Oxide emission and comply with the new Sulphur standards  ; Please refer to link

Environmental Fuel Surcharge (EFS) Effective 1st January 2020

Using Low Sulphur Fuel Oil will create shipping lines additional operational costs associated with the usage of low Sulfur fuel, for the recovery of costs, the shipping lines effective 1January 2020 will implement an Environmental Fuel Surcharge (EFS) per trade for compensating of high and low Sulphur price difference. The EFS amount varies by lines and the areas of service.

Our customer support when quoting the ocean freights will inform you the applicable EFS amount.

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