Dear customers, partners and friends,
In battle with COVID-19 disease and to observe the social distancing rules and the (STAY-AT-HOME) policy ordered by the health authorities, we are working remotely since 18th March.
At current situation some managers working from the office BUT several others due to concerns about Coronavirus infectious are performing work related tasks by remote Working From Home using internet and other facilities in place.
For your comfort and health safety and our team health protection we plan to continue remote work for the next few weeks and possibly longer depending on guidelines introduced by our health officials.
Our staff are well prepared working from home (WFH), competent to answer questions and provide workable solutions to customers and partners on various shipping and transport issues.
Our apologies in case a request is handled with delay and we trust that you understand the present circumstances. Any questions, please contact us as usual by phone and or e-mail.

Health Care "HEROES"
just a few words to say: THANK YOU ! to HEALTH WORKERS , for your services and sacrifices !
We pray for your safety and protection against this deadly pandemic. GOD Bless You !!