CONT.Demurrage and Deposit

Container Demurrage and Deposit Tariffs

NEW container free time and demurrage tariffs as well as deposit amounts for Import, Export and Transit are introduced by SHIPPING ASSOCIATION OF IRAN (SAOI) under letter no S/3000/97/646 dated 11 June 2018. The tariffs will apply for import and export shipments as of 22nd June 2018 and for transit shipment as of 23 July 2018.


  • Rates are in IR- RIALS and are to be understood per day/ per container
  • Container free time for IMPORT shipments shall commence at 1 calendar day after vessel complete Discharge from port facility until the empty return back to the carrier
  • Container free time and demurrages charges for EXPORT shipments will start at 1st calendar day when shipping line releases the empty box.
  • Container demurrages calculation for EXPORT shipments will cease at the date of submission of shipping order, export papers and delivery of full containers to carrier
  • Free time, Detention & Demurrage charges for Special equipments such as ISO Tank and Bitutainer are not included in above tariff rates and it will be dealt differently and as agreed.
  • Rates are subject to local VAT (presently 9%)

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Table-1 : Container Free time, Detention & Demurrage charges
Table-2: Container safe return guarantee cheques
Table-3: Container cash deposits

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